Arangetram, literally meaning ascending the stage, is a dancers debut performance presented to family and friends by the teacher.  The dancer performs a margam, path, of dances that begins with the blossoming of a lotus and takes the audience through every exciting turn and bend in the repertoire of Bharata-natyam dances. It takes years of preparation, but is an extremely rewarding accomplishment for a dancer, and takes dancing to a professional level.

Besides the Arangetram performance of nine dances as a solo artist, the student must be proficient in:

~ presenting and naming all the adavus in the 14 different adavu groups

~ know the names of the samyuta and asamyuta hastas

~ understand abhinaya and the nava-rasas

~ have a basic knowledge of the history of Bharata-natyam, particularly in our Kalakshetra lineage

~ show the utmost respect and gratitude to his/her dance guru

I provide private dance classes for those interested in preparing for their arangetram, and will organize a live music orchestra for the performance.